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This is an article that manages to claim to be on the side of a crack-down, whilst using the sexiest images it could find to ensure a healthy click rate by the typical demographic at which the paper is aimed.
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Together, the evidence suggests a deliberate attempt to create a world that devalues women and reinforces misogynistic attitudes.

In GTA IV, the player character can pick up prostitutes, have sex with them, and then kill them.

All changes are in italics, with the date.] As someone who is completely in favor of games as a recognized art form, and who will be attempting to critique games with that mindset in the near future (I swear), I feel compelled to call out sexism in video games when I see it.

Last updated: 6/1) [Edit : It has come to my attention that this post contains a factual error, which has now been corrected, and more content has been added.

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wenn ihr auf den link geklickt habt, dann runterscrollen und dann auf "kontakt aufnehmen" Ihr könnt im Internet von GTA IV auf der Seite daten.

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