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The incident, which was recorded on cell phones, occurred after school last Tuesday, May 17, at South Fort Myers High School, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office told the News-Press.

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Earlier, she was linked to hunk actor Sam Milby, however, Digby says no romance happened between her and Sam.

They are friends now and may work together in her upcoming album.

"If you want it badly enough, it doesn't seem like work," she said. "Want to learn more about Marié Digby and listen to tracks from her new album?

This information is intended for genealogical research purposes only and may not be used without permission, except that single copies may be printed for private use. In 1283, John, son of Philip de Walcote, granted one messuage in Walcote with 4 virgates (120 acres) of land, 20 acres of woods, 20 acres of meadow, and 12s annual rent to Reginald fitz Walter, who in turn settled it on John, son of Philip de Walcote and his heirs by his wife Isolde at a penny rent.

Now, Marie answers to rumors that she and James Yap are dating. They went out with a group of friends a couple of times. Marie believes the rumors spread after people noticed their interactions on Facebook.

When asked to describe James, she says he is a very nice and sweet guy.

This time, they cover Drake’s latest hit, “Hotline Bling.” Check out their rendition of the song and let us know what you think! Also, don’t forget to check out our event page to see Marié’s latest upcoming shows!!

Since then, Digby has released several studio albums, EPs and singles, including one Japanese cover album.

Her fifth and latest studio album Winter Fields was released on .

The Walcot family of Shropshire appears to have few remaining descendants in the male line, but another participant from this family would help confirm this DNA line. Roger de Walcote was named as a Shropshire juror in 1252, 1255, and 1256. His father, living in 1278, may have survived him, explaining why no historic record of him is known. John de Walcote witnessed a deed at Ludlow in 1291, and a John de Walcote was a juror in the Purslow Hundred Assize of 1292. In 1284, 13 he witnessed deeds at Edgeton, Shropshire. 1701, married John Minchin Walcot, MP for Askeaton 1751. Gen William Walcot, Francis Walcot, and Augustina Walcot. (21) Thomas Walcott, Jr.; fought at Battle of Boynes, d.s.p..

For more information about the DNA project, return to the main menu and go to the DNA page. Evan Walcot, if 10 generations removed from Llewelyn Aurdorchog, born c. This date does not fit with later generations, so the previous generations probably include some errors. An inquest of 1255 states that Roger de Walcot held a quarter of a hide in Walcot by a rent of 8s payable to the Bishop of Hereford. John is also named in a deed of 1310, and was a witness in 13. c.1658, married William Fitzgerald of Six-Mile-Bridge and Moy Castle, Co. He assumed the surname Walcot on succeeding to the Croagh Estate on the death of his kinsman John Walcott, above, in 1736. Numerous descendants carried the Walcot surname, although not descended in the male line.