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"As soon as I jumped into what seemed to be a very active 27-member chat room, I was welcomed by nine of those members.

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'Through the recreation of that historic moment, I feel like I'm making history—it shows how much our country has changed and how diverse and beautiful America's family really is.'He told CBS: 'When you see the new picture, the new image, it's a picture of diverse people.

Black, white, Hispanic, Native American -- a little bit of everything -- Asian, and that's more of a representation of this country,'Lanier said that while the phrase 'all men are created equal' is a 'powerful statement', he doesn't believe it 'rings true for a lot of people in this country'.'They don't feel that, sometimes I don't feel that in certain environments, but I think it's something we can strive for.

"He hugged me and picked me up and carried me around.

He was very enthusiastic."A research trip to Kenya — specifically a watering hole where zebras and lions peacefully coexisted — inspired the filmmakers."The funny thing we noticed was that during the day lions would come in and drink right next to zebra and gazelle, all these animals they normally eat, and it was fine," Howard said. We thought that's very much like human beings, you have this predator group and prey group."They don't always get along, but for some things they have to figure out how to coexist.

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A team from spent hours tracking down and verifying the identities of descendants as part of a July 4 ad campaign.Twenty-nine direct descendants of America's Founding Fathers came together to re-create John Trumbull's historic Declaration of Independence painting 241 years after it was originally created.The meeting of the descendants, many of whom are people of color, was organized by, which also created a powerful new ad featuring the group.Booty Scootin' Pig Makes Waves Abby the pink pig certainly knows how to beat the summer heat, as seen in this hilarious video, taken in Connecticut, USA.She took to her paddling pool and made waves whilst cooling off in the sunshine. Credit: abby_thepinkpiggy via Storyful This ' Mop' Illusion Will Blow Your Mind What looks like dog with a mop over it sleeps still in the middle of the kitchen floor. Someone calls the dog to come down to dinner and instantly the mop dog rises.Some children from multiracial families report teasing, whispers, and stares when with their family.