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There is no ghost, just some people hunting without permission. Yes, schoolmates should recognize her and come forward, she is clearly old enough to be attending school. I don't know if there is any penalty for trespassing, but I don't think that should stop anyone from speaking out. The camera then returned to the couple one more time with a piece of cartoon mistletoe, under which the pair kissed at last. " The dodge, she says, happened because she was thinking of her students.It was not, in fact, Hinojosa and Collins' first date: they've been a couple for nearly a year. "I thought, if I have kids here, that's inappropriate. I teach first grade, so they're all 6 and 7 and they think kissing is gross." "We would probably be the perfect example of not wanting to be on the screen," said Hinojosa.And in a strange coincidence, their first date was indeed at a Spurs game in January. "But this is an experience we’ll never get again." "Hopefully," she added."We were just sitting there and then they put the camera on us," said Hinojosa when reached by phone Thursday. Hinojosa laughed it off -- but it raises a broader issue.

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She did not know about the alleged crime until police told her almost two-months later, the Downing Centre District Court in Sydney, Australia, heard.

At least 1.2 million people watched the birth live on the park's You Tube stream. Next, Animal Adventure Park will have a contest to name the calf. but stay stuned for more updates about April, Oliver and their new addition.

The picture is obviously of a young girl, her family didn't get their picture taken - but she must have been with her family, which us why no-one has come forward, they were probably hunting on the land-owner's property without permission.

' At that point, Collins tried to kiss Hinojosa, who dodged him.

'Well this got awkward,' read the screen, as the pair tried to hide their faces before the camera panned away.