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The index of the row to which the clicked cell belongs.

When you have several pages in a grid, grid rows are indexed beginning with 0 on each page.

Note that only the Cell Validating event can keep the editor active,when the validation fails and it does not allow the user to exit the cell until a valid value is filled.

EDIT: here is my validating methods: Here is how it looks when it happens, if I hit Escape key, the error message disappears, but when I try to click something else, Row Validation happens again and I back to this state: EDIT2: I use datatable as datasource for this datagridview.

In addition, you can perform some actions when a user clicks a row. The index of the row to which the current cell belongs.

Depending on when you want to prevent a kind of input Key Press event setting Handled = true will block an illegal character or format of characters.

Sorry, but I don't understand the reason for setting a bool when showing the Message Box.

I have a datagridview with Cell Validating and Row Validating events handled.