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Our curriculum spans the breadth of modern neuroscience, from molecular/cellular underpinnings to systems/cognitive integration, and offers a rich training experience that brings students to the forefront of research in their particular area of interest, in preparation for a rewarding, independent career in the sciences.

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I would expect something similar to what's on the Social Links documentation: Right now, I'm having to use the separate RSS Links widget.

Extra columns of information are available for RSS feeds.Here is a comparison of RSS feeds with and without text limit When using with Manager Express, there is a required field and some other customizable options. Value: URLs, if there are more than one RSS sources, please use a single semicolon ( ; ) to separate them.For example: Besides, you can also make some changes to the color of text and background, even using a picture as background.If cache is enabled, video will be stored in usual place and will be accessible from Offline mode like any will ignore your feed (previously configured or not) and display a search box for movies: which is obviously incompatible.To enable or disable them, right click on the name of any column.