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You don’t want to be lonely, but can’t ever imagine being part of such pointless conversations. They talk about their new cat, their vacation in Fiji and what someone else posted on Facebook.

How can you add something interesting to a conversation that is about nothing? They just don’t know enough to be able to talk about fascinating subjects all the time. They talk about Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Obama, sports, music, makeup, celebrities and so on.

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Yaya Da Costa A sexy, creative model and famous American actress, Da Costa has a killer body and a naturally intriguing smile that’s seemingly hypnotic to men. she stars in, and while balancing both modeling and acting, Yaya currently seeks to settle down and start a family of her own. She has an incredibly sexy, curvaceous body and has shown she is not afraid to show off her generously sized breasts.

But men in general, are not really into using phones for a long duration. And after a while, a sore nodding neck and a restless mind can do more damage to him than a hectic day at his workplace.

Men like answering a lot of short calls more often. Real men especially love calls that go like “Hello …uh huh. Men are bored of your yakity-yak So how much of your life could have changed in the past couple of hours?

Most girls assume it’s because the guy doesn’t like her, but that’s almost always baloney. There are few reasons behind why the man in your existence didn’t call you, and here are a few most common reasons behind that missed call from a man. Bye.” For a man, a thirty second call is the perfect definition of a good detailed long call.

Here’s the real reason behind why men hate talking on the phone. The man’s point of view Firstly, men do like talking on the phone. Men lose their confidence Men don’t have a problem conversing about nothing for hours on end face to face.

Homework Sheet - Vocabulary ( This sheet (in PDF or Word format) can be used to write down new vocabulary and their definitions from the vocabulary exercises on this site, and students are encouraged to then write sample sentences for each word as a way of learning how to use the vocabulary in context.Eku Edewor Edewor arguably looks like a light-skinned Angelina Jolie. show host and is known for her hard work, commitment to her family, and broadening her horizons in the entertainment world.She is classy, educated, and has a very strong sex appeal to men, especially because she is so preserved and doesn’t reveal much—we want more! Tiwa Savage Tiwa savages men’s minds and hearts, and even though currently pregnant, has a pair of sincere eyes that would make any man’s heart crumble.You love speaking over the phone, but the man in your life can’t dream of doing the same.So what is the real reason behind why men hate talking on the phone? Is it because you forgot to pay your bills on time, or is your cell phone low on battery, or are you way too tired to even take your heels off before you hit the sack? You didn’t call because you didn’t want to, which is the bottom line. From my conclusion, I guess there’s no real difference in phone etiquette when it comes to men and women, we just have different perspectives.But tell me, how much has the other person thought of the conversation? Because they had plenty of other conversations that pushed it out of their mind.